The relationship between wine and Windeck Castle is one that dates all the way back to the Middle Ages. We are keeping alive the ancient cultural practice of wine-growing, with expertise but also with love – and we are thankful that the soil, climate and people's knowledge of the vineyards converge so wonderfully here. Treating nature with care also ensures unspoilt habitats for rare flora and fauna in our vineyards. That's why we harvest by hand and avoid insecticides.


Fancy a taste of the fruity, crisp and acidic wines produced by our winemaker?

Then simply book a wine-tasting session in our tasting room. Here you can savor the flavors of varieties and vintages from the vineyards of Windeck Castle.

Just next door to the tasting room is our distillery. This is where Bühl's famous plums and other fruit are distilled into home-made fruit liquors.