The facilities at Castle Windeck and in the surrounding area offer a wide variety of leisure activities.

Here, you can continually discover new possibilities for hiking and having fun with the whole family. The vineyards, the Black Forest and the vast expanse of the plains – all this and more can be found in one of Germany's most beautiful natural landscapes.

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If you like being out and about in the fresh air and enjoying nature while remaining lightly active, then visiting one of the nearby golf clubs is your best bet. It doesn't matter if you are already an experienced golfer, or if you've never played golf before and have always wanted to know what makes this sport so appealing.

The golf clubs close to the hotel offer exciting rounds of golf, open tournaments and pleasant conviviality in a wonderful atmosphere.


The Rhine plains, nearby Alsace and the city of Bühl in the foothills of the mountains present excellent opportunities for a variety of bike rides.

But leave yourself time for a break, as there are many interesting things waiting to be discovered. The biking routes take you through little villages alongside fields and meadows where you can enjoy not only attractive cultivated landscapes, but also delicious regional products.


The wild and romantic Black Forest is perfect for hikes and walks, which offer everything from walking routes, mountain lodges and woodland adventure trails to opportunities to take a break and go on fruit and wine-growing paths, views, marshlands and lakes. If you love the character of the Black Forest, you're in good hands here.

The routes combine fantastic experiences of nature and let you hike through the most beautiful landscapes in the Black Forest.


Culture-lovers and tradition-seekers have no reason to fear: The Black Forest ensures there is no risk of boredom on that front either. Historical buildings as well as modern architecture, museums and traditions and customs in nearby Baden-Baden, Karlsruhe and Strasbourg are perfect for anyone interested in culture.

Germany's biggest theme park – the Europa-Park, located in the town of Rust – offers a great many attractions for children and adults alike.